Hi Yall! and help!

looking for computer help. Has anyone taken a good class anywhere? I would love to be my own IT guy without accidentally erasing all my data, programs and drivers at once.

Thanks and happy new year!

Saying Hi, etc.

I like this feature, especially because someone explained it to me and it actually works as explained (hear that, Apple?)

Hi from Mike Janowski and family @ 111 S. Taylor. I hope to have a website ready soon to link to the "neighborlinks" page. In the meantime, I'll sign off with a Christmas morning photo:

Shot by son Alex...aren't kids wonderful? Merry Christmas, everyone!

Live Here Oak Park Blog

Here is a fun local blog of folks across Oak Park sharing local experiences:

Just don't want to see you all posting over there and neglecting the NeighborNet!

WSANA Ends 2009 with great web site

West Suburban Access News Association, a non profit organization with a web site at www.wsana.org ended 2009 with having a total of over 33,000 persons vist the web site. The web site has over 500 posts of information for individuals with disabilities and contains information of services and programs available.
Begining January 11,2010 WSANA will participate with the Oak Park Police Department in training its officers about response and actions concerning individuals with disabilities including those with autism or seizures.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Snowman on 100 South Humphrey.

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