From The Desk Of Resident Beat Officer Robert Primak


I would like to thank David and Mark for their time and effort in getting the new NeighborNet site up and running. It will certainly allow for greater dialouge and information sharing to take place.

I would like to thank the residents for their continued support of the Oak Park Police Department by being involved and reporting any suspicious activity. In an emergency dial 9-1-1. You can call 708-386-2131 to have an officer dispatched in a non-emergency situation. The police desk can be reached at 708-386-3800. The crime tip hotline is 708-434-1636.

We have recently experienced thefts of copper gutters in the Oak Park area and have made arrests because residents called the police department after observing suspicious activity. Make sure your gutters are securely fastened to the building to make it harder for thieves to remove.

There have also been thefts of license plate registration stickers. When it's time to renew your sticker make sure the new one is properly affixed to the license plate. If you find that the sticker is missing or stolen contact the police department.

If anyone observes graffiti contact the police department so that we can document the incident and make sure the area is cleaned as soon as possible. Graffiti remover is available for residents with graffiti on their private property. The Cook County Sheriffs Department also has a graffiti removal program for graffiti on private property.

Let us know about any street lights that are out so that the street lighting division can replace them as soon as possible. Also let us know about any street signs that may need to be repaired, replaced, garbage that may be accumulating, trees on public property blocking lights and signs or other issues that need to be addressed. Thanks for your cooperation in keeping the neighborhood safe and clean.

If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns please contact me at or leave me a message at 708-358-5573.

You can also reach me on my department cell phone when I am working at 708-305-9780.

Officer Robert Primak
Resident Beat Officer Zone 4