City Hoops Removal Basketball Hoop Systems Which Are Sold Locally For 18 Years Now Has A Special Sale

July, 2012

Dear Families of NeighborNet,

City Hoops, a removable basketball hoop system business, is closing its doors after operating out of our Oak Park family home for over 18 years. We are selling four of the major parts as a package for $129.00 plus sales tax so that individual families can buy at very minimal cost their own alley or backyard hoop system. The City Hoops removal rim system is geared for non-dunking users and for families with younger children. It can be set at the height of your choice and can be raised at a later date. It can be used directly on a wall or with a backboard. (Backboards will need to be purchased separately and we can advise you where you can find a backboard.) We also can advise you about a local installer if you are interested. Dads and Moms can put up and take down the City Hoops removable rim without a ladder with usage of our placement pole. Below is a picture of my wife putting up our model removable basketball rim with our placement pole. Thank you to all our previous local Oak Park customers.


John Gross
City Hoops Owner
(If interested, please call us with questions and you can then see our system in person at a mutually convenient time.)