Hruby/Ridgeland Community Meeting

Ridgeland Common Plan
4th & Final Community Meeting
Saturday, June 7, 2008
9:30am Beye School, 230 N. Cuyler

Don't Be Anonymous Anymore

Dear Neighbors,
Since many of you are looking at the site and not registering, get over it and sign up. Once you register with the site, you'll be able to comment on posts, join our forums and take part in the fun little polls we have planned. We aren't letting just anyone join either. You need to be a neighbor in the NeighborNet area. We are making everyone else a guest, they can ride, but they can't drive!

We are also going to be adding new things for you to do on the site too, but you won't be able to use any of it unless you are a registered user.

Police seeking volunteer block captains

The Oak Park Police Department is seeking volunteers to serve as block captains who help Resident Beat Officers communicate with residents at the neighborhood level. The block captains would serve primarily as liaisons between their neighbors and Police by creating contact lists and telephone trees, tools that can help ensure that important information is shared among neighbors.

Zone 4 April-June Newsletter

Officer Primak, our Resident Beat Officer has a new newsletter. Click on the link to open a PDF file. In the future, we will invite Officer Primak to keep an eye on our public safety forum if people start using it.

Park District Job Openings

From the Park District of Oak Park
The Park District of Oak Park is proud to be the largest employer of youth and we provide an excellent place to expand our employees’ potential, develop their leadership skills, and have fun while earning money. We are looking for responsible individuals who have a good attitude, have sound judgment and excellent communication skills, and who are enthusiastic about all they do.

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