Missing cat!

One of our two cats went missing yesterday (12/3) morning. Sunny is a 10-month old brown, shorthaired tabby cat with a black-tipped tail, black stripes on his cheeks and black spots on his tummy. He was wearing a collar with a purple and a yellow tag. While he knows our immediate neighborhood, but he may have wandered too far this time to find his way back home.

If you do see him, could you bring him in and give us a call at 660-0376 or cell 708-288-3850; you can also call the 24PetWatch number on his tag. We'll come pick him up! Thank you! Our kids miss him!

Shannon and Riyaz Asaria

Ice Skating to Live Music

The Park District has announced that Chicago Blackhawks organist Frank Pellico will be providing live music for a public skating session on Saturday, November 8th, from 5:15 to 7:30 pm at the Paul Hruby Ice Arena (see flyer attached below).

More Neighborhood Crime - 3 robberies probed in Oak Park

October 14, 2008 at 5:38 PM | Comments (0)

Oak Park police say they are investigating three holdups including the robbery of a pizza deliveryman.

On Monday night, three teenagers robbed a pizza deliveryman of $60 in cash, his driver's license and four pizzas in the 200 block of Flournoy Street.

On Sunday night, a man held up the 7-Eleven store in the 500 block of Madison Street.

On Thursday night, three teenagers robbed a man in the 400 block of South Austin Boulevard.

Chicago Tribune

Halloween Hobgoblin?

Greetings to all -- we received an anonymous bag of candy early Saturday morning, October 11, on our front porch with a note from the "Halloween Hobgoblin" -- unfortunately, an animal had torn open the bag and eaten/chewed most of the contents.

Roaming Cat

Yesterday afternoon around 5:00, there was an orange/stripey cat ( I don't know anything about cats, so please forgive me) that came into our back yard. It's been there before. However, yesterday, my 5 year old daughter was sitting on our deck trying to stay away from the cat when it jumped up on the chair she was on and scratched her face -- very close to her eye. She has 3 scratches that required band aids. My daughter was not trying to pet, touch or bother the cat. When she went in the house crying, I tried to shoo the cat away. It wouldn't leave.

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