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Bike Thief in neighborhood

This morning at around 9 a.m. I found a man trying to take a bike off of our back deck. I told him to stop and he left the yard and ran down the alley toward Randolph. Just letting you know that there is someone in the neighborhood. He was an African American, dark complexion, average build, not real tall, between 5'8" and 5'10" wearing a dark colored baseball cap, wearing a dark t-shirt, but carrying a white one. Police were notified.

Over Abundance of Girl Scout Cookies

I still have a case of Thin Mints and a case of Tag a longs as well as some Samoas available. Girl Scout site sales are ending.....Do you have a craving for some? $4 a box/ cash and carry....

Mindy Kolodziej
221 S. Lombard Ave.

Please attend the May Beat Officer to discuss 216 S. Lombard

The neighborhood beat meeting with Officer Primak our beat officer is held the second Wednesday of of the month. The next meeting will be May 13th at 7 p.m. at Julian Middle School. I am encouraging everyone in the neighborhood with concerns and questions about the incident that involved 2 teens from 216 South Lombard to attend this meeting and ask their questions.

I have spoken with Officer Primak and advised him that this will come up as an issue and that he should be prepared to respond to everyone's questions and concerns. He will be bringing his supervisor to the meeting as well. Please attend this meeting to show your concern. I've asked Officer Primak to specifically address what actions the police department will be taking to improve the safety of our neighborhood, to advise us of when the court dates are for the 2 teens so that we as a community can be involved, and to assure us that there are no weapons at 216 S. Lombard, and that the guns that were found during the most recent incident were indeed confiscated and taken out of circulation.

We had approximately 60 signatures on our petition that we gave to the Housing Authority last week, with their assurances that they are aware of the situation and can't really share information with us but we should trust that they are working on it. In short, I have no specifics to share with you.

Thank you
Mindy Kolodziej
221 S. Lombard

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

Just a note to the neighborhood that it's girl scout cookie time. We have many troops and leaders living in our neighborhood so there is no shortage of opportunity to order some. If no one comes to your home and you'd like to order cookes, call Rachel or Grace at 445-0575. They'd be happy to take your order. All Girl Scout Cookies are free of trans fat - even the Thin Mints! Cost is $4/box.

Mindy Kolodziej
221 S. Lombard

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